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Insurgent Fitness

  • Client: Insurgent Fitness
  • Tags: Creative, Graphics, Popular, Branding, Website, Marketing
  • Date: 23 June 2022
Insurgent Fitness

The Back Story

Reached out to us to help with their website, marketing, and branding. We first redesigned Insurgent Fitness website to better match their colors theme and their no "Bull Sh*T" philosophy. From there, we are currently working closely with Insurgent on their eCommerce store (which is still in development), and marketing strategies to better assist their 12 month and 3 year growth planning.


With Insurgent Fitness Bomb Digital took a simple and direct approach to their marketing, focusing mainly on Instagram and Google. In the past year Insurgent Fitness experienced a double in followers on Instagram- without paying for advertisement -by just posting more frequently and by being creative with their posts.

Because a large portion of Insurgent's sign ups are generated leads from Google search, we put a lot of focus on their google profile, using many of the tools Google offers to businesses. This included Google Ads (less then $150 a month), google posts, and a more completed profile. Insurgent Fitness currently has seen an increase of engagement from Google searches of 338.6% since 2022.


eCommerce Store

Insurgent Fitness is a small and locally owned business in Flagstaff and desires to grow beyond their small town. Because of their business model they requested Bomb Digital to help branch out their marketing and branding material to help build a more cohesive brand identity and to help facilitate growth and give a better sense of "community" with their members and students.

Here at Bomb Digital we helped build their online store offering both in-house products and drop shipping which includes, tshirts, sweatshirts, water battles, martial art gear, and other apparel.


Insurgent University

We are currently working close with Insurgent Fitness to help them with their up and coming University website: a video platform all things instructional when it comes to fitness and martial arts. Stay tuned!


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